Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapy and rehabilitation programs are open to all adults with a physical condition or mental health disorder at risk of hindering the retention or return to work. The objective of occupational therapy is to promote the autonomy of our clients by allowing them to maintain or regain a satisfactory quality of life and by facilitating their evolution in an environment that meets their needs according to their conditions, whether at home or work. The occupational therapist assesses the consequences of the client's physical and mental health problems on the multiple functions of their body and the influences on their performance of activities and their degree of autonomy in the performance of various activities.

The work of an occupational therapist

  • Evaluate the different facets of the individual according to their environment;
  • Draw an overall picture of the functional abilities of the individual;
  • Develop a program of therapeutic activities in the clinic, including simulations of work tasks, aimed at the gradual reactivation of the individual;
  • Promote the progression of clinical activities towards graduated activities in the individual's living environment, including the work environment;
  • Identify barriers to returning to work and pre-injury activities and establish strategies to address them;
  • Teach the different principles of active pain management, joint protection and postural hygiene to maximize function in everyday life.

Before elaborating their treatment or intervention plan, the occupational therapist analyzes the interaction between these elements, because they must direct their means of action as much on the person as on their environment and activities. The occupational therapist then tries to optimize the person's participation in activities that they consider important.

A human approach

  •  A team of experienced and specialized occupational therapists with more than 25 years of experience;
  • Personalized interventions targeting the right priorities for action and focused towards the achievement of results;
  • Concerted communication with all relevant stakeholders to foster a single message;
  • An approach focused on accountability and internal control of the client concerning their health condition.

We serve the clientele of workers from CNESST, SAAQ, insurers, privately or via their employer directly.