Differences between a physiotherapist and a physiotherapy technologist

Physiotherapy aims to allow you to regain the maximum of your physical abilities so that you can carry out your daily activities, perform a job, practice a hobby or a sport, and this, according to your condition and your potential for recovery. Our physiotherapists assess the physical problem, make a diagnostic impression, establish a treatment plan adapted to each individual, and take care of the patient's treatment in collaboration with our physiotherapy technologists.

Physiotherapy technologists intervene when the condition of the patient who consults them has already been assessed by a physiotherapist or a physician. Subsequently, they collect and analyze the information in their patient's file to contribute to developing and implementing the treatment plan and ensuring its follow-up. Also, just like a physiotherapist, they promote and prevent health through exercises, advice and education.

Together, these professionals treat neuro-musculoskeletal issues, including diagnoses such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, sprains, herniated discs, tendonitis, bursitis, capsulitis, temporomandibular joint disorders, multiple traumas and many others.

Treatments adapted to your condition

  • Physiotherapy with orthopedic manual therapy specialization;
  • Sports medicine physiotherapy;
  • Neuro-proprioceptive taping;
  • Therapeutic exercises;
  • General and post-operative rehabilitation;
  • Postural assessment in collaboration with the team of occupational therapists;
  • Aquatherapy;
  • Cupping therapy.