Mental health

Occupational therapy in mental health and psychology allows us to intervene with clients with various symptoms associated with a mental health disorder such as mood disorders, burnout, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, problems related to psychological harassment, addictions and others.

Through a cognitive-behavioural approach, our interventions concretely aim to mobilize and empower the client, transform painful and anxious behaviours, integrate coping strategies and improve functional work abilities.

Services tailored to your needs

Initial assessment and individual consultations

  • Assessment of present risk factors;
  • Operational objectification;
  • Establishment of a realistic and concerted action plan;
  • Teaching strategies to promote the resumption of daily activities and return to work (e.g., energy management, sleep hygiene, etc.);
  • Identification of barriers to returning to work and pre-injury activities;
  • Individual support consultation in cases of physical diagnoses accompanied by anxiodepressive symptoms at risk of slowing down the physical evolution of the client.

Functional reactivation and desensitization program

  • Interdisciplinary care by a team composed of an occupational therapist, a kinesiologist and a psychologist;
  • Development of a progressive reactivation program, including teaching on energy management, emotion management and the resumption of a balanced work schedule;
  • Program to improve the client's quality of life and prepare for a possible return to work.

Therapeutic Return to Work Plan (TRWP)

  • Preparation of the plan and client support during employment reintegration;
  • Preparatory meeting with the employer to identify the return to work modalities;
  • Early initiation of therapeutic return to work during the course of the functional abilities reactivation and desensitization program if possible;
  • Workplace follow-ups to ensure the integration of the teachings provided in-clinic.