The mission of kinesiology is to optimize motor performance and the client's level of well-being, whether or not they have a particular condition, through physical activity. The goal is the client's self-determination to adopt a physically active lifestyle regularly.

The kinesiologist is a physical activity specialist who uses movement for prevention, treatment and performance purposes. They assess the physical condition and its determinants and the dynamics of movement of a person who may or may not have disturbed personal factors and establish a treatment and intervention plan through physical activity. Their interventions can be beneficial for both physical and mental health clients.

Services focused on your well-being

Functional capacity development program

  • Functional activation focused on increasing physical abilities for a return to work or resumption of pre-injury activities;
  • Functional training in a pool;
  • Interdisciplinary care.

Fitness assessment and individual personalized sessions

  • Cardiovascular fitness according to pursued objectives;
  • Musculoskeletal fitness (e.g., strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, balance, posture, etc.);
  • Assessment of risk factors associated with cardiovascular or other diseases;
  • Assessment of lifestyle habits (e.g., diet, sleep, smoking, etc.);
  • In-clinic reactivation sessions adapted for physical and/or mental health clients;
  • Indoor functional training in a heated pool.

Development of physical activity programs

  • Individual consultation and planning of the best activities and resources that can create a change in lifestyle habits;
  • Programs adapted to client's needs and conditions including program adjustments according to its evolution;
  • Management of sports and/or home physical activity programs.

Application of the Principles for the Safe Movement of Beneficiaries (PDSB)

  • On the job follow-up of technique application and revision;
  • Client observation and follow-ups for a gradual return to work in the health sector.

Promotion of physical activity

  • Company customized training and web capsule to raise employee awareness of the importance of physical activity;
  • Onsite kiosk during occupational health and safety (OHS) days to promote physical activity.