New : The arrival of pet therapy at Intergo!

New : The arrival of pet therapy at Intergo!

Pet therapy as a therapeutic modality

For decades, the animal has become an intervention partner of choice in the therapeutic triangle. At Intergo, the benefits of pet therapy are put forward, thanks to the presence of Scooby, an English cocker spaniel owned by France Binet, one of our occupational therapists also animal therapist.

Pet therapy is a global approach based on the fundamental principle that natural links exist between humans and animals. She followed a 30-hour training that has for main objective to master the keys of acting on a daily basis with Scooby in the context of the treatments offered to our clients and to contribute to their health and quality of lives.

Therapeutic goals

Scooby participates in interventions with clients who have an interest in dogs and are open in learning the "magic" of pet therapy. The targeted therapeutic objectives are as follows :

  1. Create a soothing atmosphere that encourages sharing and introspection to learn how to feel better. The dog becomes a vector of well-being, a feeling that the client will aim to reproduce in his daily life.

  2. Promote a calming source during exposure sessions, especially with clients struggling with post-traumatic stress. The presence of the dog aims to recreate well-being, to reduce the client's anxiety reactions and to make him progress during his exposure.

  3. Encouraging physical activity by playing with the dog, going for a walk and integrating it with strengthening exercises adds a playful character to the rehab activities and generates motivation, while targeting specific abilities.

Interested in pet therapy?

Do not hesitate to contact France and Scooby who will make you smile! Contact us now at (450) 682-2321 or by email at!

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