Assessment of functional working abilities

An assessment of functional work capabilities can be instrumental in facilitating decision-making on the management of a client or employee. This type of intervention will allow you to obtain an objective portrait regarding the residual capacities and functional difficulties of the worker and the levers and obstacles to returning to work.

An assessment tailored to your needs

  • Objectification of residual abilities and functional limitations to guide the file (e.g., return to pre-injury work versus suitable or pre-disability employment, supplement to the medical expertise report, analysis of transferable skills);
  • Identification of biopsychosocial factors impeding return to work to establish a rehabilitation and return-to-work program;
  • Issuance of an opinion on the client's ability to return to a specific workstation (ref. : clinical and workplace assessment);
  • Determination of the support measures required when the worker is reinstated to their position (e.g., operating procedures, postural hygiene, environment, work organization, types of tasks, schedule, etc.);
  • Evaluation of specific parameters such as handling capacity, tolerance to certain positions or postures, etc.