Training the trainers

The train-the-trainer program aims to train team leaders, trainers or workers to become internal occupational health and safety resources. This program adapts to your needs and your reality and allows you to have an in-house resource that can meet your needs at a lower cost in the long term.

Customized training to your needs

Benefits for your business

  • Proactivity to reduce risks;
  • Transmission of knowledge and know-how between workers;
  • Speed for teaching new employees;
  • Integration of workers;
  • Easy to organize and perform tracking.

Achievements for your trainers

  • Skill recognition;
  • Valuing work;
  • Increased sense of belonging;
  • Use of expertise to benefit colleagues;
  • Standardization of practices.

Benefits for your workers

  • Be better equipped to get the job done;
  • Understanding of the impacts of work methods;
  • Support to validate work techniques;
  • Constructive feedback;
  • Ability to find solutions to problems encountered with the help, if necessary, of trainers.

Some examples of training projects carried out

  • Review of the training guide for housekeepers in a hotel business to include joint protection principles and efficiency strategies;
  • Distinguish the technical skills required for a position to adequately teach new candidates to help improve operational efficiency and retention of hired staff;
  • Train workers on the principles of joint protection (ref. : back, shoulders, wrists, etc.) adapted to their work in vehicle maintenance so that they can train and advise their colleagues.

Certified training offered by certified trainers

Intergo is also a training organization approved by the Labor Market Partners Commission for the purposes of applying the law promoting the development and recognition of workforce skills (certificate of approval : 0059665).