Office ergonomics training

Workstation adjustment is an essential skill in preventing musculoskeletal injuries associated with office work (e.g., low back pain, tendonitis, cervical tension, etc.). In addition, the purchase of new equipment does not necessarily solve the problem and can be a bad investment if it is not chosen accordingly.

An approach focused on training

At Intergo, we empower employees in their ability to adjust to their own needs. It is often realized that the equipment at your disposal can allow for an acceptable degree of adjustment once employees are appropriately trained. Investments in prevention avoid costly problems.

Customized solutions to your situation


  • Meeting with the worker;
  • Adjustment and training on the different adjustment parameters (ref. : screen, chair, etc.);
  • Teaching the basic principles of office ergonomics;
  • Providing a checklist summarizing the topics covered;
  • Writing a complete report if necessary.

Group conference-training

  • Intervention day for a group of workers where participants attend theoretical training and are then invited to adjust their workstation;
  • Individual follow-up by the ergonomist;
  • Writing a report in the form of a grid describing the observations and the modifications to be made if necessary.

Training the trainer

  • Theoretical training, including practical and concrete exercises aimed at teaching participants to identify a problem and to make simple workstation adjustments and adaptations;
  • Providing pedagogical documents and assessment tools to the participants so that they can evaluate and adjust the workstations.

The benefits of training your staff internally

  • Obtaining support and advice in workstation design or correction and the purchase of adequate materials and equipment;
  • Increase in productivity and quality;
  • Identification of risk situations;
  • Decrease of risk factors that can cause injury.

Certified training offered by certified trainers

Intergo is also a training organization approved by the Labor Market Partners Commission for the purposes of applying the law promoting the development and recognition of workforce skills (certificate of approval : 0059665).