Handling and prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

Handling refers to the transport or support of a load requiring physical exertion. Although seemingly simple, handling is a demanding task for the body and complex to perfect. Efforts can be made to lift, lay, push, pull or move the load. Handling is present in different sectors of activity (ref. : manufacturing, retail trade, food, housekeeping, etc.) and can be carried out with different working methods.

A preventive and safe approach

At Intergo, we are committed to offering you training that meets your expectations and needs. Our experienced and certified ergonomists, through various interventions with material handlers, have identified working methods and tips relating to multiple trades that can be taught to your employees. As part of a training adapted to your employees' situation, the training will make them aware of optimal working methods, decision-making and work organization.

Concrete objectives

  • Check if the methods are safe;
  • Revise current methods;
  • Equip workers with practical advice on adjusting their position and managing fatigue and discomfort at work;
  • Identify optimal working methods and be able to vary and/or adjust these methods;
  • Improve workstations through changes that are often simple and suggested by workers.

Examples of training by sector of activity

  • Training on janitorial work (7-hour theoretical and practical training);
  • Conference and workshop for housekeeping staff (1-hour conference);
  • Training for industrial carpet handlers (3-hour training);
  • Training for institutional kitchen workers (3 to 7 hours of training on the use of tools and work methods);
  • Training for hotel housekeepers;
  • Tailor-made training in the industrial, food, retail, healthcare sectors, etc.

The benefits of training your staff internally

  • Improve certain working methods;
  • Prevent injuries and musculoskeletal disorders;
  • Correct certain practices deemed inadequate or unsafe;
  • Recognize the skills and abilities of your workers.

Certified training offered by certified trainers

Intergo is also a training organization approved by the Labor Market Partners Commission for the purposes of applying the law promoting the development and recognition of workforce skills (certificate of approval : 0059665).