Functional limitations compliance job assessment

If one of your employees has permanent impairments in bodily, physical, cognitive or sensory functions associated with a recognized occupational injury, an ergonomic analysis of the requirements of the workstation is often required. The ergonomic assessment is a tool that provides a good understanding of the work requirements of the pre-injury position to determine whether the functional limitations issued by a physician are being met. It may also be necessary to identify a suitable new role that may meet functional limitations.

An approach adapted to your situation

Our team of experienced ergonomists promotes an objective and neutral approach to offer you a fair and realistic portrait of your situation. As part of multiple job evaluations, our ergonomists have developed in-depth knowledge in the health, construction, food, retail and manufacturing sectors.

At Intergo, we advocate the involvement of the various stakeholders to optimize a healthy or safe return to work. Our intervention includes a concise report allowing decision-making in your files and making recommendations to ensure specific corrections are made to respect functional limitations.

The benefits of an objective evaluation

  • Obtain an objective and neutral situation assessment that adequately identifies the requirements of the task in question;
  • Avoid litigation and disputes when the analysis is objective and complete;
  • Look for solutions to allow your employee to return to work safely.

Workstation assessments availability calendar

If the posted availabilities are not suitable, please contact our team directly for an appointment. New availabilities are added regularly.