First-line treatment

The first-line treatment program is mainly intended for clients with musculoskeletal disorders that have either developed over time (e.g., arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, etc.) or occurred after an incident or fall (e.g., lumbar or cervical sprain, tendonitis, fracture, etc.). In this context, occupational therapy treatments make the link between the decrease in the level of activity following an accident or illness and the return to pre-injury daily living activities.

These treatments include teaching, warm-up, stretching, stress and pain management, exercise retraining, graduated activities, task simulation, and applying principles such as postural hygiene, energy conservation, joint protection, etc.

Treatments adapted to your condition

The occupational therapist's action plan will be :

  • A careful assessment to fully understand the limitations or difficulties related to musculoskeletal condition;
  • The development of a treatment plan focused on the needs of the individual;
  • The establishment and supervision of a functional activity program that may include a home exercise program;
  • Teaching about the principles of pain management, energy saving, joint protection and postural hygiene.

Following the use of a variety of tests and observation during functional situations, the occupational therapist will be able to establish a personalized treatment plan. They may also recommend changes to the client's environment, always to maximize their autonomy in the different spheres of activity (ref. : daily and domestic activities, leisure, work, etc.).