Interdisciplinary rehabilitation program

Second-line programs are developed in an interdisciplinary approach by an experienced team of occupational therapists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and psychologists as needed. Our rehabilitation programs are for individuals with a musculoskeletal condition or other physical health disorder. Early and concerted intervention as early as the twelfth week of work stoppage is recommended, especially in cases where chronicity risk factors are detected (e.g., history of work stoppage, comorbidity, perception of too demanding work, kinesiophobia, catastrophic thoughts, false beliefs, etc.).

We do know that musculoskeletal disorders account for approximately 35% of injuries, but of these, 5 to 10% are at risk of chronicization and will represent the most significant costs. It is also recognized that the probability of returning to work decreases with the duration of the work incapacity.

Interdisciplinary and personalized programs

  • Functional abilities development and reactivation program related to physical impairment (exercise retraining);
  • Physical rehabilitation program with a specialized approach to persistent pain management;
  • Therapeutic Return to Work Program (TRWP);
  • Individual consultation for pain management, interventions on psychosocial factors, progressive functional reactivation in everyday activities, etc.

During the program, we favour an early meeting in the workplace with all the concerned parties to identify the available flexibility to initiate a therapeutic return to work.

Depending on needs, therapeutic follow-up in employment can also be carried out to supervise the worker, ensure that they apply and integrate the teachings provided in the clinic, gradually introduce work tasks, increase the work schedule, etc. Regular progress reports are produced, with objective data collected during the return-to-work program.