Mental health training

Pain and mental health

  • Explain what persistent pain is and the key stages of the intervention;
  • Learn how to detect persistent pain and its concomitant disorders early for better intervention.

Better understand difficult personalities

  • Learn to better understand the different personality types to better manage them at work;
  • Acquire knowledge about different personality types and personality disorders to be able to also recognize one's limitations as a manager or advisor and seek help if needed.

Mental health and return to work : Teamwork!

  • Better understand and distinguish the main transient mental disorders (ATPD);
  • Know and detect the risk factors related to prolonged absences of transient mental disorders (ATPD);
  • Guidelines for preferred interventions from work stoppage to return to work.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) : How to help?

  • Understand and recognize PTSD to act quickly and prevent symptoms from worsening;
  • Be able to screen for certain symptoms to refer for assessment if necessary;
  • Manage the file to facilitate and accelerate the return to work.